Green Shiso is GREEN

Green Shiso is a modern Japanese Restaurant that offers a sushi train and an a la carte menu dining experience. It focuses on bringing the freshness of Japanese cuisine into the local market by incorporating the characteristics of Shiso and the beach.


Green Shiso opened its door on 2016, provided an unique and warm Japanese dining experience for local customers. Owner and Chef Simon has over 10 years experience working in different restaurants in Australia, especially focusing on contemporary Japanese cuisine. He believes the key is to choose the best quality ingredients to keep the highest standard at first place. Also his team prefer to home make all the sauces and products to make our food healthy, MSG free, Gluten free, and keep the original taste of food as it is. 


We sincerely thank all of our suppliers:

Decosti Seafood—leading in producing Atlantic Salmon in Australia

Moo fish—the best seafood, ocean fresh

Kikkoman—Naturally brewed Gluten free soy sauce

GS Menu 56.jpg